Tammy Ho & Reid Mitchell

Tammy Ho Lai-ming, aka Sighming, is a Hong Kong-born and -based writer. She is the editor of HKU Writing: An Anthology (March 2006) and her creative works
have appeared or are forthcoming in Hong Kong, Taiwan, Australia, New Zealand,
Thailand, India, Philippines, USA and Britain. More at www.sighming.com.

Reid Mitchell, a historian and novelist, was the Fulbright Visiting Professor of
American Studies at the University of Hong Kong,  2005-2006. He is currently
living in New Orleans, USA.

We are engaged in an on-going cross-cultural, cross-national, cross-racial,
cross-gender, cross-a-lot-of-things-collaboration. Tammy Ho is a young Hong
Kong poet; Reid Mitchell is a middle-aged writer from New Orleans. Much of our work has been written in the form of dialogues--or overlapping monologues--that combine elements of poetry, prose, and drama. We don't really have a name for what we are attempting to do; if we have to have a name, we'd call it trans-Pacific literature.

poetry: three poems, from "Admit Two", No. 17, May 2007