As of its September, 2009 issue Admit Two will be undergoing some important changes, most significant of which will be the transition to print format and biannual publication schedule. This means that we will have an open submission period between September 1, 2009, and May 1, 2011. In that time we will consider all submissions, but will make the decision regarding each particular submission only once our reading period is closed. In the meantime, you are free (indeed, encouraged) to submit your work elsewhere as well—we only ask you to notify us if it gets accepted by some other venue, though even that, considering the new, somewhat anthological character of Admit Two, will not necessarily disqualify your submission from being included in the 2011 anthology. Also, there is no limit to a number of collaborative pieces you can submit throughout the year, but we’d like you to be critical of your work and to understand that we will make editorial choices having in mind the overall character of the anthology.

Finally, the new format demands that we implement certain submission rules:


1) All textual submissions need to be sent in Rich Text (.rtf) or Word Document (.doc) format to


2) In prose pieces, please, use TABs rather than spaces to indent paragraphs.


3) If your work contains particularly complicated formatting, a PDF along with the original file would be greatly appreciated.


4) As for any visual submissions, please note that these will be only considered for the cover(s) of the issue, since Admit Two is further narrowing down its focus to collaborative writing, or better yet, texts that employ only typographical elements. We are not entirely happy with this decision, but we had to make it due to technical and financial challenges of printing the issue in color.


5) Please provide a biographical line or two on each of the collaborator, as well as contact email for each—for reasons of possible misrepresentation we will not consider submissions by authors whom we’re unable to contact or by authors who can only be contacted through their collaborators.


6) Since Admit Two will maintain its non-profit status (the price of a copy will cover only the price of printing), and since we expect to gather a significant number of submissions in the course of the year, by sending us your work you will formally adhere to the simple terms of publication that follow:


a) all authors give Admit Two the right to publish their work in print, and confirm so by the act of submitting their material


b) no author will be compensated for his or her work by anything else than the attention, respect, and gratitude of the editors and readers of Admit Two


c) editors of Admit Two will not profit from any work submitted to or published in Admit Two


d) the costs of printing and distribution of Admit Two will fall exclusively on those who purchase a copy of the printed issue


e) there will be no other contract between authors and editors of Admit Two, except for these here five points


Any submissions for the NeO Pepper Press chapbook series will also be directed towards the Admit Two pool of submissions, so please let us know if you’d prefer not to have parts of your chapbook manuscript appear in Admit Two (as for NeOPP, we don’t plan to print any individual chapbooks in the foreseeable future).

We do however plan the print issue of Admit Two to be as big, if not even bigger success than the online edition, and are certain we will pull it off with your help.

So thanks again for thinking of Admit Two.

Keep in touch!

Natalija & Ognjen




Submission Guidelines

Strict, Cruel & Unusual  


We'll consider almost anything. There's only one condition: it has to be done by more than one author.

Sure this is cruel, unusual too, but to our knowledge there isn't any other magazine on or off-line for writers who choose to expand their identities in the aforementioned manner. That doesn't mean we discriminate singular authors, we just want to challenge them to think of their work in broader context, or in other words, there's a way around that single condition:

find someone to pair your work with, any and all forms of collaboration are acceptable, what's more, we dare you to come up with some we never thought possible.

The trick is: we won't do it for you, and cruel and unusual as it might seem, we'd like to see our authors embracing dialogue as the basis of any literary creation (c'mon, give it a hug!).

And here are the formalities

- we accept all literary forms (noted in the subject line of the email message, just so you don't leave us guessing, i.e. fiction submission, essay submission...)

- reasonable length/number of pieces

- send texts in the body of the email only, meaning NO ATTACHMENTS (don't worry about formatting, we'll let you know if we need a fully formatted document)

- visual submissions in .jpeg format, but, pretty please, include some sort of a message so we don't treat it as virulent material

- for the time being, Admit Two is a non-commercial (or non-profit) publication, as soon as we start making any money of it, you'll get your cut, till then our motto is: we don't pay, but that's okay!

- authors retain full rights to their work

- send all your stuff to:

- this should about cover it

- hope we didn't leave out anything

- what are you waiting for, submit!