Street Bedroom

Jessica Sholtis & Steve Goldberg


Jessica Sholtis is the product of a pagan and jesus and spends her life behind iron bars creating programs to prepare others for their next life. She writes secret stories in secret places, storing them in secret sanctums only to show them to secret strangers. Her secret identity as a big ugly thing is to mislead Fame and her preoccupation with the color orange is calculated to distract it further. She has two children that manifest precociousness through Animal Planet and computer mouse clicks. Admit2 is Jessica’s debut into the literary world.

Steve Goldberg is a techno-geek, Dilbert cubical escapee, blogger, a bodhisattva wannabe, and tongue-tied tattler of timid tomes. Launching into a new experiment in neo-beat bohemianism, Steve has been published in 30/25th's Not Just Any Versiaries, an email in the talent-rich ArtCrimes 21, Rabbits Over Clevyland, Jim Lang’s Bag-o-Zines, the e-zine, and Animals Without Backbones (Green Panda Press). He has been a featured reader at many Cleveland area venues, and has participated in the Language Foundry’s 24 hour poetry marathon and Gallery Ü-Haul’s Mix: 24 hr Art program. In a poorly veiled attempt at self-promotion, he has also been interviewed on local poetry radio show, Wordplay, by renown poet George Bilgere. Steve also organizes a monthly poetry free-for-all at the Literary Café in the historic Cleveland neighborhood of Tremont.