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Mr. & Mrs. Hide, by Natalija Grgorinic & Ognjen Raden

ISBN: 978-0-9801392-1-1

5 by 6.75 inches

Perfect bound.

204 pages

A writing duo from an unnamed country immigrate to Los Angeles and have trouble assimilating Southern Californian American culture, and, at times, each other. All manner of strange sexual and textual activity leads, mazelike, to an astonishing climax. Mr. and Mrs. Hide is the first English-language book by the editors of admit2.net, a web journal dedicated to collaborative writing. Having sworn to always write as a team, the authors are completing a dissertation at Case Western Reserve on the history and practice of collaborative writing.



Steal Stuff From Work is a novel about bad waiters who take things too far. The subject of work has been largely and inexcusably neglected in contemporary literature – but here’s a novel that deals with it in a fresh way, a novel that actually suggests what to do about that job you hate (and that hates you back). And no, the answer is not in its title, only the seed of one. Think about, how often do you get an invitation to a revolution? How often do you attend? BYOB and get your hands on this book before all copies get snatched by the disgruntled employees of its publisher.



here/gone is the a runner-up of the Fitzpatrick-O'Dinn Award for Best Book Length Work of Constrained English Literature (2004), as judged by Christian Bök, author of Eunoia. The invertible flip-book consists of two opposing narratives, each consisting of 26 mixed media artworks corresponding to the letters of the alphabet.




Bridging the sonnet and palindrome through a rich taxonomy of new literary forms, Table of Forms is a collection of experimental, ludic, constraint-driven poetry; a puzzle book; and a writing manual. Dominique Fitzpatrick-O'Dinn and her skilled team of collaborators have created the most comprehensive survey of noncanonical poetic techniques since the Oulipo Compendium. Offering myriad reading paths, this multisequential anthology includes a Table of Contents, Table of Forms, Glossary of Forms, and a matrix on the back cover. As every form implies myriad undiscovered forms. More than a catalog of writing techniques, Table of Forms is a system of creating new poetic structures that points the way to an endless variety of new literary experiments. Table of Forms is a laboratory that makes readers writers.



An Unfinished Revolution? Heinz von Foerster and the Biological Computer Laboratory (BCL), 1958–1976. Albert Müller & Karl Müller, eds. Published by Edition Echoraum, Vienna, and distributed by Spineless Books

"[A] fascinating analysis of the scientific agenda of Heinz von Foerster, clearly one of the major scientists of the twentieth century. No one did more to create a revolutionary transdisciplinary research program involving biology, the cognitive neurosciences, cybernetics, and the social sciences. Von Foerster was one of those scientific minds so far ahead of his time that even today scholars in all fields of scientific inquiry should study his programs so that we might eventually realize his objectives. This is a splendid collection of essays that challenges us to look back on von Foerster if we are to advance our efforts to learn more from others in diverse fields of inquiry.
—J. Rogers Hollingsworth, University of Wisconsin