Papa Osmubal & Susanna Lei Kam Sio


Papa Osmubal and Susanna Lei Kam Sio are a couple.  Which is why they live together under one roof called Eden.  They write from Macau, Southern China. They have two kids and the entire world to be extremely happy.  They are both MA students at the University of Macau. 

Susanna is mainly into translation (English-Mandarin-Cantonese-Japanese), which she does mainly to keep the family alive, and her love of languages started her love of the written word, which started her interest in literature, especially poetry.  Their literary collaboration started no sooner than they had found out that they were meant for each other.  This couple knows at least ten languages, and Papa Osmubal learnt to appreciate Ming Jiao, Confucius, LaoTzu, and other great masters of Eastern literature more deeply through his wife.


three poems from "Admit Two", No. 11, May 1st, 2006.