Mattias Inghe & Jennifer VanBuren

Mattias Inghe - a poet, pacifist, journalist and rhetorics geek from Stockholm, Sweden who at the age of 28 is just emerging from his fifth midlife crisis. He has an almost perverse fascination with the phonetics of languages and the rhythm of written text. He sometimes likes to make up words, which he then uses as if everyone should know what they mean. This confuses people. Confused people are fun to be around.



Jennifer VanBuren lives in Baltimore, Maryland with her husband and two young sons. With degrees in science and education, she taught for eleven years before dedicating her days to raising her children, writing, and developing her on-line magazine, Mannequin Envy ( Her poetry can be found on many sites on line and in print at Poetry Motel, Free Verse and Midwifery Today.  



poetry: three poems, from "Admit Two", No. 6, July 1st, 2005.