Lance and Emily Ballard


Lance and Emily Ballard are married with two children, Tylor and Preston.  Lance owns Ace Lawn Service, and mows during the summer months, which enables him, during the winter, to focus solely on his freelance writing career, were as Emily is a nurse and works full-time with the elderly in helping them through their last days.

Attic Stranger is Emily's first stab at the writing game, but not for Lance.  He has been published on-line in numerous publications: Prose Toad, Nuvein Magazine, Bewildering Stories, Flesh From Ashes, and now, Admit Two.

Lance also has a novel out, TIME SPENT WITH HEM, which centers around a young boy who moves to Paris in the early Twenties and, by way of chance, develops a lasting friendship with none other then Ernest Hemingway.

TIME SPENT WITH HEM is available at


"Attic Stranger" from "Admit Two", No. 11, May 1st, 2006.


The idea came about after a dream I had that is pretty much the essence of the story, and after telling my wife, Emily, about it, started writing it out, but then decided if she wouldn't want to help with the crafting of the piece itself.  She did, by way of writing in the voice of the little boy.  The rest is me, and my take on description and trying to handle the piece with just the right about of scare, but without stepping over the line. (L.B.)