Sound changed his life

by Samantha Dunn & Robert Johnson




Cell Mate

by Robert Johnson & Ania Dobrzanska




Love Bites

by Robert Johnson & Thaïs H. Miller


Jennifer Adger is an award-winning artist whose work can be found in private collections in Alabama, California, the District of Columbia, Massachusetts, New York, and Virginia.  Adger’s graduate work in criminology and neuropsychology has greatly influenced her paintings, which are reflections on consciousness and memory. Some of her work can be seen at


Ania Dobrzanska is a corrections expert and practitioner with a long record of professional publications.  She is also a published writer of fiction.  Her award-winning short story, “Dances with Dragons: Memories of the Hole,” appears in The Crying Wall, a book she co-edited. 


Samantha Dunn is an honors student at American University, majoring in Political Science and Philosophy.  She plans to attend law school after graduation.


Robert Johnson is a criminologist who writes poetry and fiction on the side.  He is the author of Poetic Justice: Reflections on the Big House, the Death House, and the American Way of Justice and Burnt Offerings: Poems on Crime and Punishment.  His best known work of social science—Death Work: A Study of the Modern Execution Process—won the Outstanding Book Award of the Academy of Criminal Justice Sciences.


Thaïs H. Miller is an honors student at American University majoring in Literature and minoring in Music Performance.  Her poem, "The First Time I Saw That Place," was published in Robert Johnson's Burnt Offerings.  Her play, "The Price is Wrong: A Play in One Act with Vignettes," will appear in the 2008 issue of Tacenda Literary Magazine.  After completing her undergraduate degree, Miller hopes to pursue her Master of Fine Arts in Creative Writing.