Julie Crea & Patsy Alford

Patsy Alford is a lapsed English teacher currently working on her MFA from Naropa University. Her work has appeared in The Dalhousie Review, Room of One's Own and dANDelion. She edits the Green Stone Mountain Review and has self-published a chapbook entitled Mrs God Takes the Hastings Express. Patsy lives somewhere in the bush in British Columbia, Canada.

Julie Crea is a media editor and a lapsed MFA candidate from Naropa University. Her work has appeared in Guilty As Charged, A Woman’s Europe, and Chicken Soup for the Grandma’s Soul. In addition to writing, she’s been exploring a recipe of poetry and paint. A collaborative installation to this point is displayed at the Laughing Yogi in Lafayette, Colorado.


poetry: work days, from "Admit Two", No. 16, Mar. 2007

"This bit of poetry came about via an email exchange one week. We created a collaborative poem each day using slightly different structures. We alternated throwing out topics, which later became the titles (topics not used include: radials, and Roger Miller lyrics: uncut, unplugged, uncensored). Some days we alternated lines, others we wrote separately and combined later. Still other days one of us wrote first and the other wrote in response." JC&PA