Symbology by Carolyn Adams & Peter Schwartz


Enchanted Me From the Beginning by Tammy Ho & Jeff Zroback



Tammy Ho Lai-ming, aka Sighming, is a Hong Kong-born and -based writer. She is the editor of HKU Writing: An Anthology (March 2006), a co-editor of Word Salad Poetry Magazine and a co-founder of Cha: An Asian Literary Journal. More at


Jeff Zroback is a writer and professional editor currently living in Hong Kong. He is a co-editor of the Hong Kong Writers' Circle's annual collection Love and Lust (expected, February 2008).


Tammy and Jeff have been working creatively together for two years now. Their collaborative short story "Enchanted Me from the Beginning" first appeared in the anthology Hong Kong Whodunnits. They are co-founders of the first Hong Kong-based online quarterly journal, Asian Cha ( and co-editors of the Hong Kong Writers' Circle's forthcoming anthology, Love and Lust. They expect to work collaboratively for many more years to come.