Gail Davis & Eric S. Brown


Gail Davis is a writer living in Texas with her family and pets.  She has published several short stories in markets like Alien Skin, Black Petals, and others. Gail has served as an editor for the print journal Night Shopping and is currently awaiting the release of her first chapbook Blood Rain from Nocturne Press (an e-book version is available now from Creative Guy Publishing and can be found on 


Eric S. Brown is a just turned 30 year old author residing in western North Carolina.  His short fiction has been published over 300 times in the small press and beyond as well as collected into several paperbacks including his highly praised collection Dying Days.  All can be found on

In addition his fourth book will be out this April from and his first collaborative novel COBBLE, with Susanne Brydenbaugh, will be released from Mundania Books this Oct, 2005.  He has also had numerous chapbooks published most notably a series of "zombie horror" chapbooks from the fourth of which will be released this summer.


fiction: "All Along the Watchtower", from "Admit Two", No. 4, Mar. 1st, 2005.