Cynthia Daffron & Neil de la Flor & Mario Matus


Cynthia Daffron, a second year student in the University of Miami Master of Fine Arts - Creative Writing, Fiction program, is currently working on a novel for her thesis. She spent too much time with the poets during her first year, and now also composes poetry.  She writes about hydras, language (first, foreign and lingo), grief, sexuality, in-betweens and underneaths, barracudas, brothers, depression, travel, trouble, and tongues.  She lives in Miami with her two cats, her toughest critics.


Neil de la Flor is the editor of Mangrove, the literary art magazine at the University of Miami. His also a fashion designer and poet who writes about amphibians, bees, drag queens, he/shes, death, god(s) and goats, ham, Wonder Woman comforters, moths, the empress dowager, and the meatiness of life using surprising juxtapositions and intuitive leaps to avoid tidy little answers.  After spending ten days this Vermontís Green Mountains at the Bread Loaf Writer's Conference, he came back energized, inspired, overwhelmed and complaining about the vegan riblets and ham and tomato salad. He is currently reading A Humument.


Descended from the "Eagles of the Southwest," the renegade Indigenous man known as Mario Matus is currently making his own crusade against reticence and extinction. He is a poet/writer, painter, singer, filmmaker, and activist. He is currently working on his MFA in Creative Writing, as well as, several other artistic projects. One day he hopes to remove himself from the sophism of America.



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