Charles C Brooks III & Anthony DeTomasso

Charles Clifford Brooks III is from Jasper, Georgia USA and a freelance writer.  Most recently he has begun writing an article each month in the local newspaper, the Pickens County Progress, on social issues.  His poetry has been published in AEGIS, Awen, Clean Sheets Magazine, Eclectica, Poetry Motel, Admit Two Magazine, Foliate Oak, Confused in a Deeper Way, Wet Ink, The Chimes, and Pulsar Magazine.  His prose has won the Sassafrass Literary Exchange’s writing competition in Fiction and Nonfiction two years running as well as winning a Rotary Club essay contest which earned him a spot in a World Peace Conference.  Within the last month more of his short fiction can be found in Ha! Magazine and Sein and Werden.  His senior year at Shorter College, by the nomination of three professors, he was inducted into the National Creative Society which sealed his fate as a man of letters.

Today, he is employed by Georgia’s Department of Juvenile Justice where he works with the at-risk children and their families. 


Anthony DeTomasso is a native of New Jersey, but has lived in Georgia, California, and Florida in his search for meaning in this mad world.  A long time poet, Anthony now devotes his time to community projects, an undying passion for the culinary arts, and his devotion to the Roman Catholic Church.  In the midst of all his hard work, Anthony still has the time for old friends and collaborations of time well spent.  Today he runs his own bakery and Italian restaurant in Atlanta, Georgia.


three poems from "Admit Two", No. 11, May 1st, 2006.


*These collaborations were born as our time as roommates came to a close where married life claimed my time and business engulfed Anthony.  Yet, even in the face of change there was time for a memorial of the good days and our chaotic nights.  With flair from the Orient, both of us took to these pages with the intent that our friendship be burned forever in ink.  It is, after all, one of the only true forms of immortality.