Art in January, 2008 issue: Peter Schwartz with Lenka Manning-Warder & Carolyn Adams


30 days by Lenka Manning-Warder & Peter Schwartz


The Donkey Method by Lenka Manning-Warder & Peter Schwartz


The Rise & Fall of Politics by Carolyn Adams & Peter Schwartz


Megalith by Lenka Manning-Warder & Peter Schwartz


Symbology by Carolyn Adams & Peter Schwartz




ABOUT LENKA: I was born in San Francisco, California in 1953. Both my parents were very artistic free thinkers. I am a third generation artist. I watched my mother paint, and my grandfather was the Hungarian portrait painter and commercial artist, Jules Erbit. When I was 7 my Parents moved us all to Europe in order to send us kids to Summerhill School, a boarding school founded by A.S.Neill, based on his educational philosophy. This philosophy afforded me the opportunity to make art in depth. My art education after Summerhill was varied. I attended Sir John Cass of school of Art in London and Bournville College in Birmingham, The Factory of Visual Art, Seattle, Wa., we moved around a lot. My most valuable schooling was a year apprenticeship with the Seattle Painter, Sally Whitten. She taught us how to see, to really look, at the colours, the composition, and dynamic tension in a painting. When a painting has reached that point of dynamic tension, having the sense to stop there.


ABOUT CAROLYN: Carolyn Adams hails from Houston, TX. Her poetry, collage art and photography have appeared in numerous publications such as Sein und Werden, Aesthetica, Mad Hatters Review, The Alembic, and Foliate Oak, among others. Her e-chapbook Beautiful Strangers was published in December 2006 by Lily Press, and is available for free download at Right Hand Pointing will also publish her collage art e-book in late Fall 2007.


ABOUT PETER: Peter Schwartz is the editor of 'eye' and the associate art editor of Mad Hatters' Review. His artwork can be seen all over the Internet but specifically at: His paintings have been published on such sites as HiNgE, Subtle Tea, and Mastodon Dentist. His paintings are in the print journals Orange Coast Review, Whiskey Island, and the Louisiana Review to name a few. He has over 200 poems published in such journals as Porcupine, Vox, and Sein und Werden. His fiction has been published on such sites as Pindeldyboz and Dogmatika. His last exhibition was through Aesthetica Magazine and featured a projection of one of his digital paintings on a busy street in York, UK. Currently he is working on paintings for an exhibit at the Amsterdam Whitney Gallery in Chelsea NYC.