Aryan Kaganof, Mick Raubenheimer & Muff Andersson

Mick Raubenheimer lives and writes in Pretoria. Smitten as a teenager by the possibilities of language discovered through reading 'The Catcher in the Rye', he has since scribbled the margins of his life into organic mounds of writing. If pressed he will admit to strange gravities involving the other side of language.


Muff Andersson is a novelist and academic. She is spectacularly anti-social. Studies intertextuality and violence as language. Enjoys wordage and clever men. Is a good cook.


Information on books and other work by Aryan Kaganof:

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three poems, Aryan Kaganof with Mick Raubenheimer & Muff Andersson, from "Admit Two", No. 12, July 1st 2006

three poems, Aryan Kaganof with Helge Janssen & Dick Tuinder, from "Admit Two", No. 9, Jan. 1st 2006

three poems, Aryan Kaganof with Stan Engelbrecht, Robert Simon & Eran Tahor, from "Admit Two", No. 8, Nov. 1st, 2005.

three poems, Aryan Kaganof with Eva De Carlo, Gabrielle Provaas & Raffaella Malaguti  from "Admit Two", No. 7, Sep. 1st, 2005.