no. 16, march 2007

THERE EXIST no limits or boundaries apart from those we ourselves choose to respect or transcend. There are no limits or boundaries we are not sharing with someone who is on the other side of them. We choose to stay on our side, they stay on theirs. We have been taught to define our individualities by adhering to a certain set of limitations, hence nation, race, region, religion become what we see ourselves to be, crossing them means crossing ourselves.

In Cleveland Heights, OH the place that’s most stubbornly alive with communal life is the coffee shop of the Severance shopping center Borders bookstore. There people of every age and walk of life sit side-by-side, flipping the pages of books and magazines they’ve gleaned from the shelves, conversing with each other when what they’ve picked up bores them. continue>>>





by William Gillespie & Dirk Stratton

- - -


The Good Life

 a novella, part two, chapters 8-15

 by Mark and Rebecca Spencer

 - - -


work days

 by Julie Crea & Patsy Alford

 - - -


Other Days

by Kevin Eberhardt & Unknown Collaborator

 - - -



 by Vernon Frazer & Michelle Greenblatt

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Little Golden America: Chapter Nine: We Purchase an Automobile and Depart

 by Ilya Ilf & Eugene Petrov


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