Well, this is it.

It ain't much, if you consider there'll be much more. And it ain't that it's nothing so it's got to be something.

This is the first of our bimonthly attempts of establishing dialogue on the subject of collaborative writing. It's called Admit Two because its objective is to question the dictatorship of one. Its objective is to offer an alternative, communication as an alternative to the dictate, dialogue as an alternative to the monologue.

It is our belief that a word is nothing unless it is shared, an idea is nothing unless it is shared, and sharing is nothing unless it is equal. So we decided to go to the beginning, to create a space for the word, the idea which are shared in their very conception.

In other words, consider yourselves invited. This is a space to be filled and used, visited and revisited. It is not owned by anyone, which means it must belong to you. It's a space of opportunity and a space of possibility. Some responsibility might be included, it comes with the human condition, we are all responsible - responsible to think.

In other words:




AdmitTwo, No. 1, September, 2004. 



An Unspeakable Love
by Laura Sang & James L. Secor

"In the dark grave, I remembered my life as a mirror. I regretted nothing. Suddenly there was no regretting anything. Let me whisper it from the dark..."



Exquisite Communist

A Crown of Spells to Ward Off Susans

The Origin of Olive Oyl

Hillbilling and Cooing (1956)/Popeye's Pep-Up Emporium

Interview with a Comic Strip Diva/Olive Oyl Cento

by Denise Duhamel & Maureen Seaton

 "Ms. Oyl, you've been called the skinniest thing in boots. Do you find this interferes with your self-esteem?"



On Liberty


John Stuart Mill & (we'll dare) Harriet Taylor

"The time, it is to be hoped, is gone by when any defense would be necessary of the "liberty of the press" as one of the securities against corrupt or tyrannical government."


"People think genius a fine thing if it enables a man to write an exciting poem, or paint a picture. But in its true sense, that of originality in thought and action, though no one says that it is not a thing to be admired, nearly all, at heart, think they can do very well without it."


Authorship as Plurality of Identities

by Natalija Grgorinic & Ognjen Raden

"If we accept that all creation comes from communication, and communication exists only within plurality of identities, then it becomes clear that all creation is by definition collaborative."