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As you may or may not know, from September 2004 to September 2009, Admit2 was probably the only journal dedicated exclusively to collaborative literature. In that period we have published hundreds of collaborations by hundreds of authors who have discovered that, in order to survive, literature is to be shared, in the very process of its creation (find those authors here).

And this is what we are determined to do -- maintain a platform for the sharing of literature, offer a space where those who participate in the creation of literature can let others in on what they are doing and widen the circle of communication. However, for a number of reasons we have decided that the online journal format no longer serves this purpose well enough, and we have decided instead to begin producing, with your help, a series of biannual anthologies of collaborative literature that will be available both in print and online, with first of those appearing in 2011.

Consequently, we have amended our submission guidelines, so we invite you to read them (here), send us your work, and invite other writers to join us. But most importantly, we invite you to consider literature as an ongoing dialogue in which to say something to the other means to say something with the other.

We look forward to your response.

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Natalija Grgorini & Ognjen Raen


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